What Is This Event About?

The 2019 annual meeting will include a mini-symposium titled “Responsible Fishing Technology for Healthy Ecosystems and Clean Environment” and regular WFGFTFB session including Topic Group meetings. The symposium sessions will include the following topic areas:

  1. Abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG): Assessment of quantity and measures to prevent ALDFG and its impact.

  2. Use of artificial light in fishing – Technologies and practices of using lights to increase efficiency and/or to reduce bycatch, including bycatch of endangered, threatened and protected species.

  3. Best practices in trawl fisheries to reduce negative impacts – Evaluation of impact, measure to reduce impact, and technical and management measures that constitutes “best practice” in trawl fisheries.

  4. Technology and practice for managing bycatch and reducing discards – evaluation of bycatch and discards in fisheries, and measures to manage bycatch and reduce discards.

  5. Theory and technology for modelling, simulating, and observing fish and fishing gear – New methods and technologies that advance the field of fishing technology and fish behaviour, and their application in capture and conservation in marine fisheries.

  6. Fuel use in fisheries and measures to reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emission – Technology and practices for reducing fossil fuel use in fisheries, new alternative fuels that produce less GHG, monitoring and auditing fuel use with the purpose of reducing fuel use.

  7. Chinese fisheries - Status, challenges, strategies, and opportunities in Chinese marine capture fisheries.

You are encouraged to submit abstract related to one of these topic areas before the deadline (20 March 2019) to receive full consideration. We are providing both oral and poster presentation opportunities for participants. The mode of presentation will be determined by the symposium co-chairs: Pingguo He, Haraldur Einarsson and Liming Song.

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