Regular FTFB member and Chair-invited member

If you are a regular ICES-FAO WGFTFB member, please proceed to registration link below.

If you have participated either 2017 ICES-FAO WGFTFB meeting in Nelson (New Zealand) or 2018 ICES-FAO WGFTFB meeting in Hirshals (Denmark), you are already a Chair-invited member, and proceed to registration link below:
Regular member and Chair-invited member registration (Please click here)


If you are not one of the above, you are a non-member. You need to contact WGFTFB chair Haraldur Einarsson ( for an invitation in order to register and participate in the meeting. (Please click here).

Chinese participants

Please contact Prof. Liming Song ( for Chinese participants to request an invitation.

按照ICES的规定,首先需要获得主席的邀请,才能按照Chair-invited member(主席邀请的成员)注册,中国代表请先联系宋利明教授(并提供下列信息:
(1) Full name; (2)Your email; (3)Parent Institute; (4)Dept/Institute;(5)City; (6)Country;(7)Have you attended an WGFTFB meeting before?(Yes or No).